teresa novotny

Urban Bloom - Art and Music Festival

Vienna, Ottakring/Hernals 2018

How do we want to work? How do we want to live?In order to explore these questions, the Urban Bloom Festival approaches topics such as precarious work in urban spaces, self-empowerment and exploitation. The forms of expression created in the process of developing the festival allow the spaces in Ottakring and Hernals to be experienced in a new way - for example, by exploring the area not only on the basis of its historical but also olfactory and creative specialties. The stories of the participating entrepreneurs also play an important role in the festival.

The artistic projects cover a broad range of topics, from negotiating the interfaces between the private and public spheres to letting go of old patterns of thought and action, questioning gender roles and the generation of work in urban spaces. Humor is not neglected either. These issues will not only be explored from a scientific perspective in the forum, but also in further discursive formats with guests such as Madalina Diaconu, Elke Krasny and Laura Wiesböck.

The performative tours through the district with Vanja Fuchs explored the history of the historic pilgrimage route and the 'Alserbachforelle' as well as local cultural initiatives and businesses. The musical part of the festival was also characterized by stylistic and thematic diversity and was oriented towards the featured spaces.

Fine arts
artistic dynamic association (ada), Aiko Kurosaki, Elke Krasny, Barbis Ruder, Walter Ego, Laura Wiesböck, Lisa Truttmann, Michael Heindl, Agitprop, Der Wiener Beschwerdechor, Brigitte Wilfing, Renate Pittroff, Denny Voch, Vanja Fuchs, Axel Grunt, Rene Schopper und Siegfried Karl, Madalina Diaconu, Ulrike Kuner, g7, brunnenpassage

Musical Line- Up

Scatta Brain, Ko.Ax, Subchor, Tris- hes, Dj Universal Beatnik, Electric Indigo, Zanshin, Misonica, Sam Irl, The Reboot Joy Confession, Gürtel Squad, Canned Fit, BLVZE, Golnar & Mahan, Ulrich Troyer, Kreiml & Samurai, Brenk Sinatra & Fid Mella, B.Visible, RA-B

Assistence: Fina Esslinger
Photography: ©Christian Messner
© Teresa Novotny