My Dear

Mein Liebes/My Dear

May 2009, Het Poortgebouw Rotterdam, Netherlands,
January 2010 Academy Of Fine Arts Vienna

Though the term ‘individual’ states the opposite of divisibility, the ability to be in several places at the same time is more required and desired. This is what I want to question in this work.
The perception of the concept of erasing the global borders in the virtual world, where mankind can come democratically closer together, is heavily influencing the perception of the so called ‘real’ world. Thanks to super cheap airlines one can be in almost no time nearly everywhere, so crossing big distances does not seem to be the big deal anymore. The physical world seems to get smaller, I do not perceive the space I am crossing anymore.
Also the architecture of virtual spaces is by now influencing the creation of new places in the ‘outside’ world, so even in that aspect perceptional lines begin to blur.
So does it matter where I physically locate myself in a moment?

  • © Anita Moser