How to properly love/destroy something

How to properly love/destroy something

Performance Tour 2011

The Project

Nine female artists from Estonia, Germany and Austria present nine different performances dealing with the range of topics around ‘love’ and destruction’. The performance evenings, where the works are presented, take place in four different cities, Vienna, Dresden, Berlin and Tallinn. Participating artists are Cizzy Gonzales (A/Ger)), Sandra Jogeva (Est), Epp Kubu (Est), Julischka Stengele (Ger), Mai Sööt (Est), Tiina Sööt (Est), Alla Ting (Est), Olivia Verev (Est) and myself.

The Concept

‘Love’ and ‘destruction‘. In an area of conflict those contrary terms are still connected with each other nevertheless.

We reflect this idea bearing in mind our own social, cultural and social backgrounds, to finally process it into a performative form. We examine both intimate and personal inputs from different perspectives, in which physical conditions are reflected, as well as political and theoretical contents are explored, which form the basis of our theme.

The performance tour connects four different cities from west to east: Vienna, Dresden, Berlin and Tallinn, our homecities. After successful events in the first three cities in March 2011, the tour comes to an end in Tallinn in August 2011.

The works are presented on four composed evenings, where we refer to thematic and aesthetic qualities among one another’s works. This allows not only the works to be restaged from evening to evening, and therefore being perceived differently, but the events themselves vary completely from time to time atmospherically. The different room situations play of course a crucial role.

  • Lovers Into Things/Things Into Lovers I, How To Properly Love/Destroy Something, Labfactory Wien © Diego Mosca