2013 – 2015 ► DAS YIX – Association for Sustainable Art and Spatial Intermediation

YIX – Association for Sustainable Spatial and Art Intermediation

The association YIX mediates between artists and space, professionals and autodidacts, audience and art.

YIX works space related. This means, that the usage of a provided space (apartment building, theme park ) is the project as such of all parties involved.

   Important for the design of an event is the confrontation of different artistic and creative processes and approaches. 
The work of autodidacts are equally presented with those of art students and professional artists. This creates an area of tension from which new contents can be extracted.

 By means of an open call we invite artists and creatives from various disciplines and include their work based on their quality and concept. At the same moments we directly ask certain artists to participate. Openness and quality awareness are required for both procedures. 
Ultimately, the event shall be perceived as a whole, insofar it is important to bes responsible for a good handling, integration and placement of artistic works on site.

The first series of events took place in October / November 2013 on Yppenplatz 9 in an old apartment building (We also generated the clubs name Site-specific: YIX = Yppenplatz IX (Roman numeral for 9)) To introduce the YIX project we started to organize four solo exhibitions that were shown in the ground-floor corner shop. All exhibitions dealt with the topic ‘space’ or, artistic production’. Those four solo showings lead to a group exhibition, where we presented our condensed subject matters and the project as such.

 The second event took place in January 2014. YIX presented an exhibition dealing with the topic ‘Food’. This included positions and projects like f.ex. Food Sharing,  Cucina Futurista, or absurd actionist pie fights. The artist Veronika Merklein presented in her photo-food-artwork ‘Woman laughing alone with salad’ the psycho-disease mongering of obesity, and invited 17 visitors to  a suckling pig dinner. The Internet Platform Foodsharing, that offers the possibility to collect surplus groceries to individuals, dealers and producers, introduced itself during a lecture evening and also provided food for that occasion. Lisa Est asked in her animation about the “beginning of the custard”, while Georg Molterer memorialized anonymous food by depicting puke.

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